Survival Guide

You have spent months in preparation of your project. You have made countless decisions, attended planning appointments and reviewed floor plans and perspectives. It is now “D” Day...Demo Day. There will be inconvenience, and there can even be some pain involved if you don’t prepare yourself for the change in your daily routine. You will be trying to function without one of the most important rooms in your home, plus the added stress of having numerous people in and out of your house for what could be several weeks. While there is no escaping the intrusion into your daily routine, there are some things that you can do in advance to help minimize the stress and help you through the completion of your project.

Create a mini kitchen – try to set it up as far away from the remodeling area as possible but near a water source. Relocate your refrigerator to this area if at all possible. If that is not possible, check with your friends to see if they may have a portable dorm-style fridge that you may borrow. Create your workspace using a couple of portable tables. Use one table to set up your small appliances such as coffee pots, microwaves, slow cookers and griddles. Use the second table to act as your prep area. Fill laundry baskets with biodegradable plates, cups, paper towels, lunch baggies, utensils, etc. These can easily be slid under one of your tables. Other items to include in your mini kitchen would be a can opener, cutting board and kitchen knife.

Outdoor grill – make sure your outdoor grill is ready and supplied. An entire meal can be easily prepared on the grill.

Prepare meals ahead of time – prepare and freeze one-dish meals that can be either microwaved or placed in the crockpot. Cut and bag vegetables ready to grill or drop in the crockpot. Cut up a large container full of fruits to keep in the refrigerator for snacks. One client told us she loved deviled eggs and had made herself enough for the week. Most recipe sites have specific topics on shortcut meals, slow-cooker recipes, fast and microwaveable meals, and top grilling ideas.

Eat out – most people do not want to eat out every night; however, there will be evenings that you will be just “done” with cooking primitive. Use this time to try the restaurants that you haven’t had a chance to try. Start collecting restaurant ideas and coupons ahead of time. Eating out does not have to be in a restaurant. You can ask your parents, adult children or even your best friends to “host” you and your family for a night.

Clean Up – There will be items that will need to be washed. Ex: coffee pot, knives, etc. If you have a laundry tub, you are all set; however, if you don’t, you will need to set up a wash station. One idea is to purchase a couple of plastic tubs to be used in the bath tub. One for washing and the other rinsing.

Safety – is extremely important. Remember this is going to be a construction site and will have potential dangers for small children and pets. Please make every effort to keep them away from this area as work is being performed.

Logistics – Many times another area of your home will be needed for material storage and prep. The designated area should be in close proximity of the kitchen if possible. Typically a garage is a good area because it allows for storage and provides a cutting area out of inclement weather. If the garage is primarily how you enter your home, we recommend, for your safety, that another entrance be used during the remodeling period.

Communication – is key for a successful project. We recommend that you be available the first morning of your project to meet your installation team and review the scope of work. This is also a good time to address any special requests or questions and discuss daily start and finish times. You will also want to provide instructions with regards to securing your home should you plan to be away when the installers leave at the end of the day. We suggest that you place a notepad in the work area with your contact information and to use for any after-hour communications you might have for your installation team.

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