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Ten by Ten Kitchen, White Shaker Cabinet Doors, 3 x 6 subway tile, quartz countertop

August 25 2017

Creative Kitchens is a one stop shop for Kitchen and Bath remodeling needs, be it products, design services, or installation.  Yes, we are very accustomed to creating grand and inviting spaces, but what happens if your space is not so grand.  We have the knowledge and experience to make your 10 x 10 kitchen a show stopper and one that you will enjoy day after day.  Here are a few options to maximize your space.

Like most kitchens built during a certain period, soffits were commonly used not only as a decorative element but also functioning as a level to set your wall cabinets.  This not only hinders your design, but the amount of usable space.  Once removed either two options can take place.  One you can place your wall cabinets at varying heights to emphasize elements within your kitchen.  Or you can stack small cabinets above to increase storage, but capitalize on the wow factor by integrating glass doors with in-cabinet lighting.

There are perks when it comes to renovating a small space where the original footprint will be maintained.  Blowing out a wall seems like a good idea, and yes you may get more counter space, but when you open a wall it can lead to unexpected wiring and plumbing.  Also consider the amount you will have to fork over for countertops.  A smaller footprint does decrease your counterspace, but now you have more flexibility for a high-end product, be it concrete, quartz, or potentially stainless steel.

I get it, you have a smaller space, and you are concerned that storage will be a considerable issue.  Here is where we can be creative for your storage solutions. A recent customer with limited space appropriated a coat closet located near the kitchen into a pantry.  It is not in the kitchen but within 4 feet of the space.  The closet was outfitted with sliding trays, and shelving options and we modified the doors to maintain the original elements of the home while making them more functional.

With a 10 x 10 kitchen, the only source of available light is usually a lone window.  Florescent fixtures were common and did provide the necessary light, but did nothing for the overall effect of the space.  We recommend recessing lights and adding additional undercabinet lighting.  You are now given more control of light needed for either creating a gourmet meal or simply raiding the fridge for a late-night snack.

We are known for our grand spaces, but we also want to be known for the small ones.  If you have a small space and wonder how it can ever be more usable without changing the structural elements in your house, give us a call at 304-529-2537 or visit one of our three showroom locations at 1242 Fifth Avenue - Huntington WV, 5128 MacCorkle Avenue SE - Charleston WV or 540 North Jefferson - Lewisburg WV. Our experienced designers know how to create inviting functional spaces. 

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