The Reflection of a Beautiful Kitchen

Mirror Cabinet Doors in a Kitchen

May 05 2017

When thumbing through a magazine, waiting for my turn to make uncomfortable small talk with the Kroger cashier, I noticed an image of mirrored cabinet doors.  Yes, this is something that you see many times unnoticed while standing at your medicine cabinet.  However, these were not in a bathroom; the images were of a kitchen.  Is this something you would do? Is this something that should be done more often?  Let’s dive in.

Placing mirrors on cabinet doors is not a new concept.  Typically, it is used on stand-alone furniture pieces, such as a hutch, buffet, or armoire.  When applied to furniture pieces as these they assume the role of a sculptural element.  This allows the person viewing the cabinet multifaceted aspects without changing one’s position too drastically.  The added benefit of using mirrors is to add depth to the piece and perceived space within the room.  Visually it makes a large furniture piece fade into the background and become inconspicuous.

This same convention applies to kitchen and bath cabinets.  Adding mirrors to cabinets will reflect the other features in the room tying the room together visually.  You will get to see how well that paint color accents your cabinets, or how your hardware matches your pendant lighting.  If you have a small space and need that extra kick to make it look larger, mirrors on the doors will suit that bill. 

The mirrors themselves need not be highly reflective.  A distressed mirror that reflects only vague impressions works well.  This way you will see tones and diffused light instead of an accurate reflection.  Mirrors combined with mullion frames or leading used for stained glass will create a space that mimics very stately dining areas, or formal drawing room.  The ability to pastiche these elements together will give your space the pop of distinction you crave.

So what about this “bold” statement you are creating?  Are you concerned that it is not as timeless as you expect?  It is a dramatic element to add to a space, and you may be concerned that it is not quite what you will want in the future.  Fear not, replace the mirrors with leaded glass.  That in addition to in-cabinet lighting and you can transform your space once again.  The mirrors are typically easy to remove and replace, and is a great weekend DIY project.

When you are ready to make a bold statement with your new space.  Give us a call and we can be your trusted guide, in the process of making your space unique to your sensibilities.  Give us a call at 304-529-2537 or visit one of our three showroom locations at 1242 Fifth Avenue - Huntington WV, 5128 MacCorkle Avenue SE - Charleston WV or 540 North Jefferson - Lewisburg WV.

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