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Color Wheel showing Hue, Saturation, and Value

February 09 2018

The notion of light is one of the more important aspects of your remodeling project. We can spend hours trying to figure out the best location for a can light or where to place a skylight to brighten up a small space. These are important, but this type of lighting is not what I am referring to.

“We see through contrast”, or another way of saying this is “the variation of light effects how things are perceived”. This is best realized when trying to see what color the shirt is in a dimly lit closet in the early hours of the morning. You thought you were grabbing a red shirt only to find it was green. 

White light is the presence of all visible light waves, remember “ROYGBIV”?  However, when we look at something of color we are seeing the color that is being reflected to us. When light illuminates an object, the waves travel to the object and only the color of the object is being reflected, everything else is absorbed. This is apparent when comparing a white surface to a black surface on a sunny day. The white object will be cooler than the black object, simply because black is absorbing all the color wavelengths.

When colors are chosen in a room, the light either produced by a bulb or natural light from the sun will change the color and how it is perceived and reflected onto other objects. Last week we had a custom color mixed and painted on side panels. When everything was set in place we noticed that the color was different. Ultimately thinking it was our error we took everything into the sunlight and compared them. It was an exact match. The proximity of the wall was reflecting the color onto the white panels shifting the colors optically.

We know a lot about light, and we will be more than happy to guide you through the process of not only considering light as an aspect of your remodel, but your entire remodel as well. Please give us a call at 304-529-2537 or visit one of our three showroom locations at 1242 Fifth Avenue - Huntington WV, 5128 MacCorkle Avenue SE - Charleston WV or 540 North Jefferson - Lewisburg WV.

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